Sunday, July 27, 2008

Canon G9

huiiiioooooo..i think im falling for this camera la..seriously!!!cool image..the price??i think its around RM1500 or RM1600 kot dunno la..need to test summore..will get this canon!!!i will!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


hi i just woke up around 4.00pm..damn!!a bit dizzy..nothing to do today but maybe tonight me and my mate going to do some sound pollution(jamming la)!!!!hahahahahaha..many things to do gf is coming to kl this wednesday and my super car is making a weird sound..$$$$$$$ will fly again n again..haihhhh..i think its drive shaft problem..around RM200!!what to fren(my car) is la..i guess this is it..bye2..will upload later la if i have anything interesting to share with u all here..salam and bye2!!!!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quick picture from me...

This picture was taken at 1Utama forest section..this pic was taken by motorola L6 vga camera

Below is a picture of a tree n the sun..hahahahaha..wa amik guna o2 xda ii mini 1.3 mp..
saje2 amik..ok ke aaaa..i think its ok la for beginner like me..wakakakaka


made from the it from bundle shop..sweet man!!!!good condition as well..

Name: Couber.G boot
Model No. : 872M-00
Size: us 10.5

PROTES sejuta rakyat

i forgot the date but this protes was held at stadium kelana fren snap a couple of pic
of tan sri khalid ibrahim when al-jazera interviewing tan sri..(all local media is bullshit!!!!)..

Been bz lately..

wa bz la lately my blog is quiet sory boys n gurls..
will updated now..hahahahaha..enjoy!!!!!!!